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Nama Produk : Rinnai Kompor Gas
Tipe : RB-713N
Kategori : Simplicity Series
Bahan / Material : Schott Glass
Ukuran : 770mm (P) x 452mm (L) x 122.6mm (T)
Cut Out: 650~735 (P) x 350~421 (L) – mm
Kekuatan Api : 2.9 – 1.3 – 2.9 kW
Jumlah Tungku : 3 Tungku
Warna : Shinning Black
Additional Description : Tempered glass by Schott, One hand ignition, Wok & pan adaptor, Sealed double ring burner, Enamel iron burner head, Aluminium die cast burner body, Battery ignition, Steel pan support




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